Recovering Diva – HAITI


LOCAL LANGUAGE:           Creole or Kreyòl

Although few of us are likely to do fieldwork in foreign lands, we can learn vicariously and benefit from examining catastrophic events we do not have to suffer through. Plus, we may be able to better assist other countries regarding future response and recovery efforts.  For example, in Chile seismic codes and construction are much like those in the U.S. and citizen preparedness and training are comparable..

The Haiti quake is the most destructive natural disaster in history.

The recovery plan, orchestrated by the U.N., has been given more consideration and warranted the largest international investment in recovery ever seen before. There is a lot to learn from this process and from the outcomes.

Reinhard Riedl said his wife, Hotel Montana co-owner Nadine Cardoza-Reidl, was one of the people trapped in the rubble. Riedl stood in front of a huge, jutting slab of concrete that used to be the hotel roof. And he waited.

“My wife is still alive. It was very uncertain this morning. And yesterday, all along, they didn’t know where she is, actually. So, right now I feel relieved, and everything else is secondary,” Riedl said.

The search-and-rescue crews had to prop up parts of the wreckage to reach the pockets where people were still alive.

Under klieg lights, the team members burrowed in and out of the pile of concrete chunks.


Nothing at all.

The precarious balance of Haiti, Shaken up by Mother Nature’s Fury,Cradling the precious cargo of what that is left, It Echoes with the sounds Of Beating Hearts.  The days whirr past Lives ever so quickly. Only the days of sadness, death left behind, Sorrow in the Depth of innocent eyes, Terror infused in every beating Heart, The delicate Balance. Till the day we find Utopia, We won’t rest, Fight until all this is Over.

Help those who need it the most right now. I know you might think it’s too far to care yet we are connected by what we call Faith. Its just amazing to see that Kid in the picture smiling even when he’s hurt, feeling pain. That’s the power of Human spirit. Let alone an earthquake, Human sodality can’t be broken by death. And we will always try to help those who deserve it and those who don’t because we can’t continue our life knowing that we dint lend our hand when we could. Human Life has value and by saying that I am contradicting all the big leaders who killed their own people in order to find an excuse to wage War, Geoorge.W.Bush, Adolf.Hitler, Richard Nixon and many more, All arranging False Flag operations on their own people to wage war. We are missing someone here though, THE BANKERS. It’s the worst system ever built, its slavery and I’ll be talking about it in my next blog, and it’s a complex system and ultimately results against you. I was inspired by the documentary “Zeitgeist”. Coming back to the topic, Haiti was the worst thing that happened in the recent past and my sympathy goes to every brave soul in Haiti who is still fighting for survival and hoping to drink clean water someday and We as Global citizens should take responsibility and provide them everything that’s exceeding our sustenance requirements and We should be proud to do something like that. Most start of by saying all of this and end of the day end up not helping. I donated 42 $ and being an engineering student that’s all I could afford and all this without my Parent’s knowledge who I’m sure would have done something similar.

To All Those Suffering: “Please Hang On, We’re Coming”

-Suraj Chepyala